Obesity is a medical condition in which the body is accumulated with excess fat. It can happen to anyone from every walk of life.

“Fat to Fit” is the booming industry now because everybody wants to become slim. This is still a dream for many because of various factors like junk food, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

The overall health is affected in early age as seen with infertility, PCOD, heart problems, hormone issues, and thyroid.

Our mission is to identify the proper cause, the right approach and guide for long-term benefits by losing weight – check burniva.com.

Our protocols are both surgical and non-surgical, patient-friendly, fewer chemicals, more supplements with no side effects.

The number of sittings is decided after evaluation of the patient.


Treatment Benefits:

  • Weight loss will bring out the confidence.
  • Energy levels, work efficiency, healthier lifestyle are fewer benefits.
  • After complications, stroke complications, infertility, hormone issues, PCOS will respond better with Weight loss.

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