Bypass The Bypass

The mortality, morbidity due to heart attacks is not only a health problem but financial and emotional issue to the family.
Bypass surgery is a major surgical intervention with high risk. So, addressing this emergency in terms of the nearest hospital, availability of the specialist, financial convenience attracts a lot of stress and strain to the family and not assured outcome always.
Severe arterial blockages do not have to lead to coronary bypass surgery. There is a successful procedure reversing and preventing blockages of the arteries. It is a tested, safe, and non-surgical method of removing arterial blockages with any side effects.
Our mission is to identify the heart attack which can be sudden or silent. It is a treatable and preventable medical emergency.
Prevention is better than cure. So, we treat the cause at our center to Bypass the Bypass.


Our Treatment:

We at Bhaskara Hospital, offer Artery Clearance Therapy or Chelation Therapy to clear these blocks.

Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. It is an out-patient procedure in a daycare facility. No need for admission or surgery.

The patient needs a number of sittings depending on the number of blocks.


Treatment Benefits:

  • All toxic waste is removed from the blood vessels.
  • Blood circulation is improved to a higher level.
  • Blocks are cleared, so there will be no heart attacks.
  • Long-term results and easy for the patient to maintain.

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