Blood Pressure

If we take average statistics of stroke or paralysis are mostly the breadwinner of the family are affected will throw light on having normal blood pressure.
Blood Pressure is the force of circulating blood through our circulatory system. It is vital to life. Without the pressure, no oxygen or nutrients would be delivered to the organs. It also delivers white blood cells and antibodies for immunity and hormones like insulin.
Modern day lifestyle, diet, environment, fast foods, fancy drinks, all are taking a toll on the body by accumulating toxins, free radicals, heavy metals in the circulation. These accumulated elements increasing the thickness of the blood and intern Hypertension. Sedentary lifestyle adds fuel to it.
Apart from other reasons, cleaning of circulation will take care of acquired hypertension issues.
Our mission is to prevent Paralytic Stroke.
We at Bhaskara Hospital, use Chelation Therapy to clean the circulation.


Treatment Benefits:

  • Prevention of stroke.
  • Prevention of high blood pressure which affects all organs.
  • Poor circulation cases like smoker legs are benefitted equally.
  • Kidneys will function smoothly if blood pressure is normal.

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