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Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar (MBBS, MHsc(dia), MPhil(Stem Cell))

Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar (MBBS, MHsc(dia), MPhil(Stem Cell))


Dr. Amarnath (MBBS, MS, McH)

Dr. Amarnath (MBBS, MS, McH)

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Amar Simha Reddy(MBBS, Ms)

Dr. Amar Simha Reddy(MBBS, Ms)

Gen & Lap Surgeon


I am a diabetic. I went to a lot of sugar specialists before. But Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar told me to take less medicine. And he reversed my diabetes naturally. Today I am happy.

Rajesh Kalekar

Businessman, Hyderabad

I called the Doctor around midnight and told him about my difficulty in breathing. He was very cool and guided me so nicely till I reach the hospital. Then with injections and mobilization, I was very much alright. I will quit smoking.


Bank Employee, Hyderabad

I went to this Dr in Bhaskara hospital as my BP was high. He has nicely counseled me about various reasons and how to de-stress. I follow lifestyle changes as per his advice.

Mahesh Reddy

Software Architect, Hyderabad

We have come to the hospital for my wife stomach pain. The doctor has attended and comforted her with one injection. She counseled about what medicine to avoid and food priorities.

Rajeshwar Rao

Teacher, Hyderabad

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